FL - Foreign Languages (FL)

FL 590. Special Topics in International Studies: Abroad. (3 Credits)

A detailed study of a particular international studies topic of special interest. Topics will vary and will be listed in the Schedule of Classes and on the student’s transcript. This course must be completed in conjunction with a faculty-led study abroad program of sufficient duration to allow student to complete a significant research project of publishable quality.

FL 597. Methods in Foreign Language Instruction. (3 Credits)

This is a comprehensive class that focuses on the practical aspects of teaching and learning foreign languages at the middle and secondary levels. Topics covered included foreign language curricula, preparation and presentation of lesson materials, classroom management, professional organizations, discovery and use of resources and technology, and professional behavior. Special attention will be paid to theories of second language acquisition, state standards, and applications of best practices in the teaching and learning of foreign languages at different levels. Coursework includes on-site class observations and application exercises. Prerequisite: ABI/FBI background clearance.