COM - Communication (COM)

COM 500. Communication Law and Ethics. (3 Credits)

Advanced study of the laws and regulations affecting media in the United States. Topics include constitutional rights including speech, press, and privacy, relevant court decisions, and current regulation of electronic media. A major project will be required. (Spring)

COM 502. Persuasion. (3 Credits)

Advanced study in the analysis of the principles and techniques used in all forms of persuasive communication. The course includes both theoretical and applied work concerning the use of communication to produce specific attitudes within receivers. A major project will be required. (Spring, even-numbered years)

COM 540. Organizational Communication. (3 Credits)

An analysis of communication within complex organizations. Areas covered include communication auditing, organizational socialization, decision-making, leadership, functionalist, interpretive, and cultural perspectives, systems and information processing approaches, communication networks, structure and environment, and other classic and contemporary issues. Students will be required to complete an International Communication Association (ICA) style audit and act as a Communication Consultant to an organization.

COM 542. Public Relations Campaigns. (3 Credits)

Research, planning, and evaluation of public relations campaigns. Additional major projects will be required. (Fall)

COM 553W. Screenwriting Artistry. (3 Credits)

In a symposium atmosphere, students will practice core processes in developing and refining screenplays. This methodical process requires diligence, but leads to successful stories. Additional major projects will be required. Prerequisite: Permission needed from instructor.

Course Fees: $50

COM 555. Mass Media History. (3 Credits)

A survey of the media and their influence from colonial times to the present, with attention to the personalities who shaped journalism and mass communication. Includes an introduction to historiography and historical research methods. Additional major projects will be required. (Fall, odd-numbered years.)

COM 560. Advanced Radio-Television-Film Production. (3 Credits)

Advanced studies in the theories and practice of the production of programs and films in the tele-communications industry. Additional major projects will be required. (Spring)

COM 565. Global Media Systems. (3 Credits)

Advanced study of world mass media: history, development, economic and social influence, theories of control, international news agencies and new technologies. (Spring)

COM 572W. Rhetoric: Argument and Style. (3 Credits)

Examination of the ideas in writing and speech from classical Greek origins to modern times, with a focus on composition and on analysis of essays and speeches.

COM 575. Crisis Mgt & Comm. Relations. (3 Credits)

Communication principles and the forces involved in community and media relations, including internal and external stakeholders. Application of essential PR tools to enhance an organization's mission and vision. (Summer)

COM 580. Topics in Communication. (3 Credits)

Advanced studies in the examination of a specific topic in the field of communication. Topic will be announced prior to the scheduling of the class. May include a field trip. A major project will be required. (Offered on sufficient demand)