TL - Teacher Leader (TL)

TL 679. Continued Enrollment. (1-3 Credits)

TL 710. The Teacher Leader. (3 Credits)

This course provides an overview of the attributes and behavior of teacher leaders, explores the roles teacher leaders engage in and examines how the teacher leader is a powerful force for school improvement.

TL 712. Coaching and Mentoring for Teacher Leaders. (3 Credits)

This course will focus on development of knowledge and skills to mentor new teachers in improving instruction.

TL 715. Curriculum Development for Teacher Leaders. (3 Credits)

This course is designed to develop skills for collaborating and leading colleagues in the planning, implementation, and evaluation of programs and curriculum. Emphasis will be placed on methods of determining curriculum priorities, recent developments in curriculum, learning research, and alternative modes of presentation.

TL 779. Continued Enrollment. (1-3 Credits)