ITD - Instructional Technology and Design (ITD)

ITD 602P. Instructional Technology & Design Tools. (3 Credits)

Provides a critical analysis of technology, focusing on the ways (positive and negative) it affects society, schooling and professional development. This course addresses methodologies for selecting and evaluating technology for learning purposes in a variety of professional settings through practical application and examination of extant literature. (Offered on sufficient demand)

ITD 612P. Instructional Design Principles. (3 Credits)

This course provides an introduction to the professional field and profession of instructional technology. It provides a sense of history, an explanation of how the components of the field fit together with major emphasis on the evolution of the major themes and movements in the field. Students will explore principles and practices of multiple Instructional Design (ID) models; examine the process in professional settings; and obtain information necessary to make informed decisions as they design and develop instruction, offering them a variety of possible approaches for each step in the ID process. (Offered on sufficient demand)

ITD 622P. Exemplary Course Design. (3 Credits)

The purpose of this course is to prepare the student with knowledge and skills in modeling, simulation, testing or analysis or training in real-world context using interactive multimedia processes. It provides students with best practices and characteristics of high quality course design with quality frameworks and emphasis on the importance of continuous improvement Students will explore quality assurance rubrics and engage in authentic instructional design practice. (Offered on sufficient demand)

ITD 697. Special Topics in Instructional Technology & Design. (3 Credits)

This course requires approval from the instructor or department chair and provides for special field experience on departmental determination, supervision, and evaluation. Prerequisites: ITD 602, ITD 612, ITD 622. (Offered on sufficient demand).