BL - Business Law (BL)

BL 642. Global Business Structures, Mergers, and Acquisitions. (3 Credits)

This course will address the different business structures that can be used to anchor global trade and investment. It will also provide deep learning regarding risk management in all aspects of global trade and investment. Often global business success or failure hinges on proper due diligence and structure. This course provides students with case studies and methodologies in mergers and acquisitions to protect valuable assets and revenue streams globally while exploiting opportunity in global trade and investment. Prerequisite: EMB 682.

BL 651. Special Topics. (3 Credits)

BL 652. Special Topics. (3 Credits)

BL 655. Intellectual Property Law, Development, and Management. (3 Credits)

This course is a study of the business and legal framework for intellectual property creation, development, management and commercialization. Emphasis is placed on public and private sector contract management and project management. Technology, media, branding, international business, and practical application are included.

BL 680. Law for Business Professionals and Entrepreneurs. (3 Credits)

A broad-ranging study of law areas which day-to-day govern the modern enterprise. Subject areas include contracts, property law, forms of business organizations, debtor/creditor relations and bankruptcy, sales transactions, business torts and product liability, intellectual property, and international business transactions. Not open to accounting majors. Prerequisite: BL 240.