SA - Study Abroad (SA)

*Course Fees are Per Credit Hour

SA 597. Introduction to China. (1 Credit)

Introduction to the history, language and culture of China, designed specifically to provide students participating in study abroad in China with a useful orientation and framework for evaluating their experience abroad. Open to all graduate students. Required of all graduate students taking part in study abroad in China programs.

Course Fees: $60

SA 694. Education Abroad. (3-9 Credits)

Graduate students planning to pursue a course of study outside the United States at an institution with a standing arrangement with the University of North Alabama may enroll in sections of SA 694 for a combined total not to exceed 9 credit hours. SA 694 is a temporary course registration designation. Upon the student's return to UNA and receipt of all documentation from the partner institution, courses taken abroad will be matched with equivalent UNA courses for the assignment of credit. Returning students will receive general elective credit only for courses suitable for university credit but without an equivalent UNA course. (Fall, Spring, Summer)

Course Fees: $60

SA 699. ISEP Education Abroad. (0 Credits)

The International Student Exchange Program (ISEP) offers education abroad options for all UNA graduate students. ISEP has a consortium of over 150 accredited institution of higher education in over 50 different countries. ISEP provides an opportunity for UNA students to spend a short-term summer, semester, or year-long abroad in another country while receiving UNA credits towards graduation. This program allows students to be fully immersed in their host country culture. The common language of instruction among schools is English, however language courses are also an option for students who wish to enhance their foreign language proficiency. Students who complete this learning experience abroad may enroll under this non-credit-bearing rubric in order to have their education abroad experience recorded on their transcript. In addition to this rubric indication of the education abroad experience, each course taken abroad will be annotated on the transcript. This course may be repeated to reflect additional education abroad experiences. Approval from the student's faculty advisor is required for registration. (Fall, Spring, Summer)