ECE - Early ChildhoodEducation (ECE)

ECE 500. Seminar in Early Childhood Education. (1 Credit)

An introduction to the study of teaching as a profession with an emphasis on the role of the early childhood teacher, professionalism, and developmentally appropriate practice related to early childhood education. (Offered on sufficient demand)

ECE 506. Mathematics for Early Childhood Education. (3 Credits)

Practical techniques and methods of guiding the learning experiences of the young child in mathematics. Candidates will learn about the research and strategies that support how young children learn mathematical concepts. Teaching experiences will emphasize the instruction, assessment, and analysis of mathematical learning for children in early childhood. Emphasis will be placed on producing original research related to early childhood mathematics. (Fall, Spring)

ECE 550. Inquiry and Investigation in Early Childhood Education. (3 Credits)

A study of research-based strategies that promote inquiry, engagement, and investigation in science and social studies. Assessment, intervention, and acceleration strategies will be explored. Emphasis will be placed on producing original research related to inquiry and investigation in the early childhood classroom. (Offered on sufficient demand)

ECE 570. Clinical Residency in Early Childhood Education. (3 Credits)

A residency designed to support teacher candidates in their demonstration of teaching quality and effectiveness. Candidates will bridge theory to practice as they collaborate with a teacher in an early childhood classroom to engage in the planning, teaching, and assessment of curriculum. Emphasis will be placed on producing original research related to planning, instruction, and assessment in the early childhood classroom. To be completed the semester prior to internship. (Fall, Spring)

ECE 572. Early Childhood Education Internship. (3-9 Credits)

Supervised observation, the study of learners, the study and use of desirable teaching methods in learning situations. This internship is a full day, full semester experience. The internship shall include a placement with at least two of the following age groups: birth-age3, age 3-5, age 5-8. Course fee: $60.00. (Fall, Spring)

Course Fees: $60

ECE 603. Behavior of the Young Child. (3 Credits)

Advanced studies of the behavior of young children focusing on research to analyze the strengths, needs, and motivations of children aged birth though eight. Instruction will emphasize the role of play in the early childhood and elementary environments. (Offered on sufficient demand)

ECE 604. Partnerships in the Education of the Young Children. (3 Credits)

Advanced studies of the interrelationships that exist in early childhood education related to analyzing, planning, and facilitating effective communication and strategic partnerships. (Summer)

ECE 609. Early Childhood Programs. (3 Credits)

Advanced studies of programs in early childhood education. Instruction will focus on both historical and current programs and their organization, purpose, and impact on the profession. (Offered on sufficient demand)

ECE 610. Reading and the Language Arts in Early Childhood Education. (6 Credits)

A study of research and instructional strategies used-to teach early childhood reading and language arts. Candidates will explore and engage in opportunities to apply theory, instructional strategies, and materials for guiding the young child in initial reading and language arts. Emphasis will be placed on producing original research related to reading and the language arts in early childhood classrooms. (Fall, Spring)

ECE 637. Issues in Early Childhood Education. (3 Credits)

Study of selected problems facing early childhood school teachers as identified through professional literature, interviews with educators, and discussion. Students will select one or more actual problems confronted in their situation and develop a plan for it solution. (Offered on sufficient demand)

ECE 673. Methods and Materials in Early Childhood Education. (3 Credits)

Advanced studies of appropriate methods and materials for the development and education of young children. Instruction will emphasize the creation of developmentally appropriate instruction. (Offered on sufficient demand)

ECE 679. Continued Enrollment. (1-3 Credits)

ECE 779. Continued Enrollment. (1-3 Credits)