BKS - Black Studies (BKS)

*Course Fees are Per Credit Hour

BKS 101. Introduction to Black Studies. (3 Credits)

This course will function as an introduction to the discipline of Black Studies. It will familiarize students with the foundational concepts, methods, and texts essential to the discipline of Black Studies. As an interdisciplinary field, students will be introduced to a variety of disciplinary frameworks for analyzing and understanding the histories and cultures of people of African descent in the United States and beyond.

Course Fees: $60

BKS 401. Black Studies Research Seminar. (3 Credits)

The Research Seminar capstone course will necessitate the pursuit of an independent research project that will help assess students’ understanding of, and ability to work through a Black Studies framework. The capstone course will enable students to apply the knowledge and praxis learned in Black Studies towards a topic of interest particular to the student and to the field of Black Studies. Through a guided and focused course of study, the student will gain experience with conducting research through a Black Studies analytical framework. Prerequisite: Must be taken in one of the last two semesters of course work in the Black Studies minor.

Course Fees: $60