FASH - Fashion (FASH)

FASH 241. Textile Product Analysis. (3 Credits)

Units on basic construction techniques; wardrobe analysis, pattern selection, and garment construction; selection of ready-to-wear, from a buyer's viewpoint; pattern alteration and fitting. Studio course: Meets six hours per week. (Fall)

Course Fees: $30

FASH 320. History of Dress and Adornment. (3 Credits)

The development of costume from Ancient Egypt to present. Emphasis will be on knowledge of fashion influences of past and present as a tool for making fashion predictions. (Fall, odd-numbered years)

FASH 321. Merchandising. (3 Credits)

Principles, practices, and organization of fashion merchandising; job descriptions and responsibilities at the management level; financial and control functions; process of fashion innovation, variables of fashion affecting production, and distribution of consumer goals. (Fall)

FASH 322. Visual Presentation. (3 Credits)

Development of visual communication skills in the promotion of products for both the interiors and merchandising industries. Emphasis on visual display and selling techniques, special events, and other promotional activities. (Spring)

FASH 325. Social and Cultural Aspects of Clothing. (3 Credits)

An exploration of the sociological, economical, psychological, and cultural aspects of dress. (Fall, even-numbered years)

FASH 330. Apparel Illustration. (3 Credits)

Creative approach to illustrating apparel through the use of various media as related to drawings of clothing, fashion poses, and textile prints and includes merchandising techniques, electronic portfolio preparation, technical drawings, and tech packs. Prerequisite: AR 221. (Fall)

FASH 331. Computer Aided Design for Apparel Patterns. (3 Credits)

Emphasis on patternmaking and grading using Gerber AccuMark Pattern Design software and includes focus on various aspects of patternmaking, pattern creation, drafting, digitizing,plotting, knockoffs, data conversion, spec sheets, and costing markers. (Fall)

FASH 340. Textile Global Sourcing. (3 Credits)

A study of global sourcing examines this crucial function in the textile and apparel industries, providing practical insight into both how and why global sourcing is pursued. Topics include step-by-step global sourcing procedures and explores the theoretical, political, economic, social, and environmental implications of global sourcing decisions with an emphasis on sustainability. (Spring, odd-numbered years)

FASH 341W. Textiles and Materials. (3 Credits)

Consumer oriented study of textiles emphasizing fibers, yarns, fabric, dyeing, printing, finishing, care, and serviceability for apparel and the interior environment. Knowledge of testing standards and legislation concerning apparel and interiors. Prerequisite: EN 111 and EN 112. (Spring, even-numbered years)

FASH 350. Advanced Apparel Construction. (3 Credits)

Couture techniques and problem fabrics; construction of a designer garment; commercial skills such as mass production, and managing a sewing laboratory. Two class periods; one 2-hour laboratory period per week. Prerequisites: FASH 241, 341W.

Course Fees: $30

FASH 440. Sustainability in Fashion. (3 Credits)

The study of enhancing the sustainability potential in common fibers used in the fashion industry. Focus from fundamentals of fiber production and the product lifecycle. Emphasis on sustainability benefits and environmental impacts at each stage of the lifecycle, improving sustainability benefits, availability, and marketing and innovation opportunities that lead to more sustainable fashion.

FASH 442. Production Development: Technical Design. (4 Credits)

Preparation for apparel designers for technical design skills in the apparel industry reflecting current apparel production and manufacturing practices. (Spring)

FASH 450. Retail Buying. (3 Credits)

The study of buyer’s responsibilities in the fashion industry; includes buying philosophies, merchandising math, simulated exercises that mimic real-life buying responsibilities, research of new market and clothing trends, projected sales, stock requirements and mark-downs, and development of a merchandise plan and factors to increase sales of a department.

FASH 451. Draping. (3 Credits)

Guide to draping fabric on a dress form teaching skills and techniques needed to develop creative patterns from the basic bodice to bias-cut gowns. Prerequisite: FASH 350. (Spring)

FASH 470. Senior Prep/Capstone. (3 Credits)

Fashion Merchandising & Design topics selected according to the interest and needs of the individual student, with study at advanced undergraduate level. Focus will center around interview preparation, employment research, careers, and portfolio development. Comprehensive exit exam included. Prerequisite: Senior classification.

FASH 475. Internship. (6 Credits)

An internship is a supervised on-the-job learning experience that enables the student to apply classroom knowledge and theory to a practical working situation. In the internship program, a student, usually a senior, works in a job that is directly related to his/her major field of study. Six academic credit hours are granted upon successful completion of the work experience. The student must enroll for the internship through his/her academic advisor. The internship, FASH 475, is offered only during the regular summer session.

FASH 497. Special Topics in Fashion Merchandising and Design. (1-3 Credits)

Detailed examination of a specific topic related to the disciplines in human environmental sciences. Topic will be announced prior to the scheduling of the class. A special fee may be required according to the topic and course content. This course may be taken a maximum of two times for credit. Prerequisite: departmental approval.

FASH 499. Independent Study-Practicum. (1-3 Credits)

Independent study, projects, or field experiences under departmental determination, supervision, and evaluation. Open to majors on approval of department chair. (Offered on sufficient demand)