HON - Honors (HON)

*Course Fees are Per Credit Hour

HON 101H. Honors Forum. (1 Credit)

A required introductory course in the UNA Honors College. The course will cover a variety of interdisciplinary subjects and include lectures, presentations, and student participation. Open only to students accepted into the Honors Program. Satisfies the University FYE requirement. (Fall)

Course Fees: $60

HON 302H. Honors Advanced Professional Development Seminar. (1 Credit)

The Advanced Professional Development Seminar is a one-credit course designed to provide Honors students in their junior or senior year an opportunity to explore career planning and development. Students will evaluate their knowledge, skills, abilities, and interests as they develop and/or refine college and career goals. The Advanced Professional Development Seminar provides a creative and reflective atmosphere that encourages students to participate in their own learning while preparing for their future.

Course Fees: $60

HON 497H. Honors Experiential Learning ePortfolio. (0 Credits)

During the final two years of the Honors College Option 2 program of study, the student will enroll in HON 497H and produce an ePortfolio documenting the student's development and activities over the course of their academic studies. The ePortfolio designed and updated during the final two years in the Honors College will include the following primary components of 1)Experience w/Other Cultures, 2) Research & Performance, 3) Civic Engagement & Service, and 4) Professional Learning Experience. Final ePortfolio will be submitted senior year. Specific instructions for the development of the ePortfolio will be covered in HON 101H, regular workshops each semester, in Canvas, and on the Honors webpage.

HON 498H. Honors Professional Learning Experience. (0 Credits)

To complete the Honors College Option 1 program of study, students will engage in a significant experiential learning opportunity related to their major field while at UNA, to include but not limited to an internship, practicum, co-op, career-specific employment, job shadowing, or discipline-specific volunteering. Students should enroll in this non-credit bearing course in order to have the experiential learning reflected on their transcript.

HON 499H. Honors Senior Project. (0 Credits)

To complete the Honors College Option 1 program of study, students will engage in an Honors final project in the major area of study. To be enrolled in this non-credit bearing course, the student must be registered for a credit bearing course in their major in which they will carry out the determined project with an faculty advisor. Prerequisite: satisfactory academic standing in the Honors College. (May be repeated).