CHD - Counseling (CHD)

CHD 000. Counselor Education Orientation. (0 Credits)

All Counselor Education students are required to take this orientation as soon as possible following admission to the Counseling Program. The purpose of CHD 000 is to provide students with information concerning the use of technology, orientation to the library, the American Counseling Association Code of Ethics, and policies and procedures of the Counselor Education Program. A grade of S (satisfactory) is given to students who complete the orientation. No credit hours are given for the course. (Fall, Spring, Summer)

CHD 001. Counseling Comprehensive Examination. (0 Credits)

Counseling Comprehensive Examination is a non-credit course that is required of both Clinical Mental Health Counseling and School Counseling majors. A comprehensive examination is required for graduation in each major, but School and Clinical Mental Health majors take different standardized comprehensive examinations. In most cases students should enroll in CHD 001 and take the comprehensive examination during their next to last semester/term of enrollment in the program.