Fine Arts - 3D Certificate

This certificate is designed for a variety of students:

  1. adults who are not interested in enrolling in a degree program,
  2. students who are unable to afford the cost of undertaking a full degree program,
  3. students in other degree programs who wish to expand their skillset in the arts, without declaring an Art major, and
  4. students who do not perform well academically, but wish to take studio art courses. This certificate will be a tangible result of their efforts.

Requirements for a Certificate in Fine Arts - 3D

Level 1 Certification

AR 170Art Appreciation3
AR 221Drawing I3
AR 231Design I3
AR 232Design II3
Total Hours12

Level 2 Certification

Select three from the following:9
Ceramics I
Ceramics II
Sculpture I
Sculpture II
AR 493Professional Practices in Art3
Total Hours12